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November Specials
​Enjoy our changing monthly specials! 

Soup is Back!!! Home Made Soup Monday-Friday!
Back Friday!!! $1 slices all Day! (Max. 2 per person) Coke Ft. $.99! 
"Featured Pizza's"
BLT Pizza! Bacon-Lettuce-Tomatoes on our reg cheese pizza!                                                  14"-$13.99  18"-$16.49  24"-$22.99                    

Stuff Crust Pizza! Lots of Deli Meats in the middle of a folded crust pizza!     
14"- $14.49  18"- $17.99  24"- $23.99

New!New! Boardwalk Fries-Generous portion skin on Fries!------------ $3.69    

Mon-Tues-14" Cheese-----------------------------------------------------------$7.95

   Mon,tues,wed,after 1Pm-Fall Special-18" chez -8 garlic Knotts-----------$13.95

Thursday--Thursday Night Game-Red Scilian-1LB wing bites-----------------$19.95

Friday-football night-Red Scilian-1LB Wing Bites-------------------------$19.95
Friday-OFF Sides-24" chz-10 wings-8 Garlic Knotts----------------------$29.95
Friday-Touch Back-18" one top-2lb Wing Bites-8 Knotts----------------$29.95

Sat-Sun- 50 Yard Line-14" Chz-1lb Wing Bites-----------------$14.95
Sat-Sun-Locker Room-18" chz-20 wings-8 Knotts!--------------$28.95
Sat-Sun-Goal Line-White Scilian-18" One Top------------------$29.95


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