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January Specials
​Enjoy our changing monthly specials! 

Introducing Pizza Pasta!!!!!!!
Fresh penne pasta baked in our fresh crust! Choice of Marrinara with Meatballs or Sausage, Cheddar cheese, Garlic Butter, Chicken Carbonnaro!
 "Featured Pizza!
  Smoke House Pizza! Special Sauces & Chicken!
                     14"-$14.99  18"-$20.99  24"-$25.99                    

Mon-Tues-Red Sicilian!  after 1PM-------------------$10.95

   Mon,tues,wed, Below Zero Special-2-14" Cheese-----$13.95

Thursday-Ski Special-18" Cheese-8 Knotts---------------$14.95

Friday-Hockey Special-24" Cheese-16 Knotts-----------------$23.95
Friday-Bunny Slop Special-18" One Top-1LB Bites----------$29.95
Friday-Shi Lift Special-24"-Cheese-Family Antipasta--------------------------------$39.99

Sat-Sun- Fire Place Special-18" Cheese -1LB Bites------------$20.95
Sat-Sun-Snowmobile Special-18" Cheese & Family Tossed Salad-$29.99
Sat-Sun-Ice Dam Special-2 Meatball Parm & 2 Boardwalk Fries-$19.99

Canoli Chips and Cream!!!!!!!!!!!!Tasty Special $5.95


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