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Hot July Specials
​Enjoy our changing monthly specials! 

"New!!! Colossal Sub biggest in the valley       $3.00 OFF

Monday,Tues,Wed after 1Pm-14inch -one topping--$9.95
Monday after 1Pm-14"one topping- 8  Knotts----------$10.95

Tuesday after 1Pm-18" Cheese+ 1Lb  Bites--------------$17.95
   Wednesday All Day--8 Knotts & Mozz Sticks----------$8.95
               Thursday after 1PM- Sicilian Red + 10 Wings------$20.95


 Friday All Day-18" one Top+1Lb Bites+8 Knotts--------$23.95
Friday All Day-24" Chz+10 Wings+ 8 Garlic Knotts-----$28.95

Saturday All Day-14" One Topping +1Lb Bites-----------$16.95

Sunday All Day-Buy one 18" one topping get 14" Cheese for $.99
Sunday All Day-20 Wings + 16 Garlic Knotts--------------$20.95

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